Rooves - Pantile Grey Slates
  • Rooves - Pantile Grey Slates

Roofing : Miniature papers : 6 motifs

Miniature roofing papers in scale 1/12th. Papers in several sizes and patterns to decorate doll's houses rooves. Slate and roof tile patterns in several colours. The dimensions of each paper are marked below.

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Dimensions (in cms) 

MC2087 Pantile Grey Tiles  40L / 30H

MC2122 Green Tiles 75H / 55L

MC2123 Letchworth Tiles 40L / 30H

MC2124 Georgian Tiles 40L / 30H

MC5195 Red Slate Tiles 95L / 43H

MC5218 Grey Slate Tiles 95L / 43H

The papers in the sizes 75H / 55L are thinner than the other papers.

Restocking takes place regularly, if the availability of this product is insufficient for your order please send an e-mail to sales requesting amount required.

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Roofing : Miniature papers : 6 motifs

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