Openings - I- Window PVC Arch
  • Openings - I- Window PVC Arch

Miniature Doors and Windows : 22 models

Miniature building materials in scale 1/12th. Miniature doors and windows to build a doll’s house. Made out of PVC or wood ready to paint or stain. Entrance doors, interior doors, glass doors, sash windows, bay windows and dormer windows for the attic.

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Dimensions (in cms)
A- MC0047 Door 6 Panels   12W/21.5H
B- MC0077 Door PVC  12W/20.5H
C- MC0050 Door Georgian  14W/22.5H
D- MC0043 Dormer Window  12.5W/14.5H
E- MC0037 Window Bay  24W/15H
G- MC0036 Window Sash 4 panes  15.5W/15H
H- MC0156 Window Sash 6 panes  24LW/16H
I- MC0049 Window PVC Arch  12W/18H
J- MC0175 Window PVC Bay  17W/13.5H
K- MC0076 Window PVC 9 panes  11.5W/11.5H
M- MC0229 Window 4 panes  13.5W/13.5H
N- MC0230 Interior Door 8.5W/18H
O- MC0231 Interior Glass Door 8.5W/18H
P- MC0232 Pink Painted Door 13W/21.5H
Q- MC0233 Blue Painted Door 13W/21.5H
R- MC0234 Red Painted Door 13W/21.5H
S- MC0331 Black Painted Door 13W/21.5H
T- MC0325 PVC Georgian Door 19W/23.5H
U- MC0326 PVC 12 pane Georgian Window 12W/17H
V- MC0327 PVC 6 pane Georgian Window 6.5W/7H
W- MC0328 PVC Glass Front Door 9.5W/18H
X - MC0331 Window Sash 2 panes 11.5W/17H

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Miniature Doors and Windows : 22 models

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