To pay for your purchases, we offer several methods of payment:

Payment on-line by Credit Card:

   Payment is made at the time of the order in euros by credit card on the secure server Credit Mutuel.
   Upon acceptance of your payment by the CM CIC, we will register and validate your order.

Payment on-line by Paypal:

   By choosing a payment via PayPal, you will be automatically directed to their web site.
   If you do not have a Paypal account, you can always create one quickly and easily.

Payment by Cheque:

   Customer orders are not shipped until payment has been received in full.
   The delivery delay will therefore be longer than for a payment by credit card.
   Please send your cheque in euros made payable to Maison Carton, at the following address:
   Maison Carton 2 avenue Ampère 69370 St Didier au Mont D’or FRANCE

All products remain the sole property of Maison Carton until payment is received in full by Maison Carton.

secure payment