The mode of transporter by default is «Collection from the boutique». For any other mode of delivery, please choose the option which suits you. Any order requiring a delivery using other delivery methods and has been selected by means of the mode «  Collection from the boutique » will need be treated a further time, and will require a second payment, to pay for the unpaid postal charges.

When you register on our website, it is not mandatory to include a phone number, but we advise you to enter a mobile number to receive the tracking information from the transporters.

Thank you for taking into account this information when placing your order.

The orders are prepared the same or next day and are dispatched rapidly - after payment - each working day. Mondial Relay do not collect the parcels from the relay points on Monday's.


Some companies choose to add an additional charge to each product to subsidize the delivery charge, which is not the case with Maison Carton.
We try keep our prices as low as possible and recover only the costs incurred.
Several options of shipping are available and are displayed relating to the availability for each country. The shipping costs are variable, they are calculated automatically based on the weight of your order, the delivery address and the transporter you have chosen. The maximum weight allowed on the web site is 20 kgs, after this weight the shipping costs do not appear so please contact us before the payment is made arrange a suitable transporter. Also certain countries are not included in the list of authorised zones, you can however contact us by mail so special arrangements can be made. The payment method in this instance will be by bank transfer.


Collection from atelier (Lyon, France)

You have the possibility to come and buy your products or collect your orders direct from Maison Carton, by appointment only. The atelier is generally open from Monday to Friday from 10am to 4pm (and outside of these hours and Saturdays by appointment only) but it always best to telephone in advance to be sure of our presence.

Mondial Relay to relay point

This option is only available for France, Belgium, Luxembourg.
If the shipping costs appear after the amount of 49€, please contact us before the payment is made so we can reduce the shipping cost off your order.

We will send you a link to their web site and the tracking number so you will be able to track your parcel on line. Mondial Relay will send you a mail/SMS when the parcel has arrived at the relay point. If for whatever reason the relay point that you chose is no longer available, Mondial Relay will send you a mail requesting you to choose another. The parcel should be collected within a period of 10 working days from when you have been notified of its arrival at your chosen relay point.
 If you have not collected your parcel within the time it will be returned to us. The shipping costs will need to be repaid for the parcel to be resent even if the initial shipping costs were offered.

Mondial Relay or Happy Post international home delivery

An international delivery option with prices generally less expensive. We will send you a link to their web site and the tracking number so you will be able to track your parcel on line.
Mondial Relay and Happy Box have certain restrictions for parcel sizes, in our case this applies to requests for larger lengths of either Skivertex, Wicotex or Polyphane. Please choose Colissimo for orders of larger un-cut lengths of these products.  

Colissimo with tracking

La Poste will notify you by mail the tracking information. The parcel will be placed in your letter box without signature, or be taken to your local post office if you are absent. Certain parcels with a high contents value or are sent to certain countries will be sent against signature. You have 15 days to collect your parcel, after this delay the parcel will be returned to us. In this instance we will create a credit on your account valid for 6 months.
Attention : MAISON CARTON'S responsibility stops from the moment the parcel is considered as delivered (deposited a letter box, given to a third party : a neighbour, a caretaker or returned to the post office due to your absence…).  In the case of the disappearance of the parcel, no possible appeal. This is considered as your responsibility.

Lettre Verte

Several of our products can be sent in a brown envelope or expanding envelope up to size A4 and a maximum depth of 3 cms. When the maximum amount allowed is exceeded only the other shipping options are proposed. The products allowed include small items like masking tapes, cartonnage corner protecters, decorative sand, A4 sheets of paper and even larger sizes of paper that will be sent folded. Papers that are ordered to be sent folded are not refundable.
Your order is sent without tracking and without replacement in case of loss or theft during the shipment but the risk of this happening is very rare.


Upon receipt of the parcel, the customer must verify the quantities and the condition of the products ordered.
If the customer is not satisfied with the products received, he has a period of fifteen days from receipt to return it to Maison Carton and obtain either a replacement product or refund.
The request for exchange or refund must be accompanied with the returned products and will be processed only after receipt by Maison Carton with the original article, complete, and with no traces of use in its original packaging. When a customer returns an item that has been paid for and seeks a refund, the following conditions should apply:
- Product returned by the customers wishes: refund of the product, return shipping costs to be paid by the customer.
- Product returned due to the responsibility of Maison Carton: refund of the product, shipping and return costs paid by Maison Carton.

If the requested item in exchange is for a higher price than the returned item, the exchange will occur only after payment is received for the balance of price from the customer.
Conversely, if the requested item in exchange is for a lower price than the returned item, the customer will receive a credit valid for one year. Maison Carton will be relieved of all liability if the product is not returned within the fifteen day period after the complaint is made.