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Box with 6 drawers : Cartonnage Kit



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This box with 6 drawers was specially designed to receive up to 66 tubes of Boiron’s homoeopathic granules, but it can be used for other items. All the 70 pieces are cut by a laser machine, so all the measurements are precise which is fundamental for an impeccable finished result. The assembly instructions with step by step photos will be sent to you by e-mail.

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16,95 €

Kit contents : Pre-cut carton bois, cartonnettes, gummed craft tape with assembly instructions.

Assembly instructions currently only available in French.

Products necessary available from Maison Carton. 1 sheet of paper ( Italian or Japanese ) about 70/100cms or 2 sheets of Nepalese paper.

1 sheet of imitation leather paper 75/50cms or 1 sheet of Skivertex 68/100cms.

White vinyl adhesive glue and a folding stick

Dimensions of finished model (in cms) : 17L / 19,5H / 10P

The fabrication of the kits is done regularly. If the availability of this product is insufficient for your order or if you wish to order large quantities, please send an email to with the desired number of kits.

We have a laser cutting machine so the kits are cut on the premises.
Orders placed for several of the same kit maybe not be packed individually, unless otherwise specified.

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